Voddler Hack 0.1

Voddler Hack!

Version 0.2

by Dark Reverser and his faithful Robin 😉

NOTE: Link has been updated to version 0.2, cause Voddler changed their protocol.
Download it here: http://www41.zippyshare.com/v/81193996/file.html

You need Python 2.6 and PyCrypto installed, and of course Voddler. You also need VLC, cause that’s the only supported media player right now.

Make sure voddler.exe is running and logged in already, or use the login command to the python script such as ‘voddler.py login <accountname> <username> <password>’

Start ‘voddler.py webserver’ to startup the webserver.
A webserver will start listening on, goto this URL.
If you’re one of the lucky few who ones who have Windows, the web browser will launch automatically.

Tell your web browser to launch VLC whenever an .asx file is opened for a more seamless experience.

NOTES: This hack replaces only the Voddler Gui. You still need to have VoddlerNet running in the background.

There’s a bunch of other modes that you can run the hack in. For example you can get it to save the decrypted .mkv files to disk with the watch command.

Doesn’t work with Windows Media Player for some reason.
Seeking is not yet implemented.
Is a bit shaky in general.

5 Responses to “Voddler Hack 0.1”

  1. […] DarkReverser och hans följeslagare “Robin” har tydligen knäckt Voddler. Genom att starta en webbserver lokalt på din dator kan du använda VLC istället för den normala klienten. Hacket kan även spara filerna från Voddler till disk. […]

  2. Jens Staal Says:

    I do not know if it would work but would it be possible to connect to a native VLC from Voddler running on Wine?

  3. Cool! This should be turned into an XBMC plugin!

  4. […] som är filmernas motsvarighet till Spotify har blivit hackad av någon kallad för Darkreverser och hans vän Robin. Med hjälp utav hacket kan man använda VLC istället för Voddlers klient […]

  5. Can’t get this works. There should I put the PyCrypto files?

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