Voddler Hack 0.2

Voddler Hack 0.2!

Voddler released an update to their client today. Here’s a new hack that works with that version. There were some minor protocol changes designed to prevent this hack, but they were easy to circumvent!

Maybe that’s why they were down all day today!! It would probably be cheaper for their business to comply with GPL rules instead, then I wouldn’t have to spend a precious hour on breaking their protection every second day.

Download it here: http://www41.zippyshare.com/v/81193996/file.html


50 Responses to “Voddler Hack 0.2”

  1. Any chance of a replacesment of the VoddlerNet app?

  2. I don’t think the programmers at Voddlers is good enough to be making what they’re trying to do.

    They need to hire need programmers that actually can code!

  3. Voddler is down again :p I’m guessing they realized they didn’t do a very good job on the new patch lol I wonder what the will do now haha

  4. Dudeson: They will probably wait until the flash client is in place. That is 2010-mar-08.

  5. FFS, give it up loser!

    You are ruin a good service for everyone by doing this crap.
    For every “hack” you make, they will change the client to prevent it,
    and while they figure out a new way to prevent your hack they will
    shut the service down for everyone. Now thanks to your bad excuse for
    a life voddler wont be open until mars 6-8, and that is if they are done
    with the new client. And when you hack that one, they will continue
    shuting down thier service for ever more time.
    You are not making any friends here, i hope you realise that.

    So i hope to ask you as polite as possible, Please stop with your
    work and give them a change to do something with thier project.
    Im not happy with the “payment” Voddler had to introduce either,
    but its a hard world out there and you cant live forever on adds and air.
    Sometimes you need to sell something to make money to your business.
    But Voddler is still a good idéa if we let it to grew.

  6. @Wolfy,

    Go somewhere else. This is a reverse engineering website. So that’s what they do. Big deal. Are you going to bash every hacker out there?

    You can start with video games next, then music, then ebooks, then software. Oh, the possibilities are endless for you, you crusader.


  7. I agree with you Wolfy!

    Lets concentrate on the bad boys and let the good guys go in peace…. The Voddler team are in my mind actually like the Robin Hood and they are actually giving back to the poor while trying to change a rotten movie industry… compare this to the suckers that act as Prince John and just keep their gold without giving back …. lets now continue our crusade like Richard the Lionheart and instead fight agains the dark evil powers in the east …

    Of my good he shall haue some,
    Yf he be a por man.
    loke ye do no husbonde harme
    That tilleth with his ploughe.
    No more ye shall no gode yeman
    That walketh by gren-wode shawe;

  8. ThinksForMoreThanHalfASecond Says:

    Wolfy is 110% right. Where is the cleverness in killing off a fledgling service like Voddler? Don’t you get it? If you or some other wannabe hacks their client then Voddler will not be able to get deals with the movie studios for the newer movies. Simple as that. It’s not like there is any shortage of movies to steal on the Internet, torrents a-plenty are already available, so what the he** is the point of making grief for a legal free/cheap alternative? They are *giving* you the content to watch for crying out loud! Why oh why try to steal it? And the bragging rights for reversing the encryption put on a *free* download (hint – it will not be very strong) are limited. With folks like you helping to erase Voddler’s profit base it is not like they will be able to hire someone uberclever to protect their cheap/free content from getting stolen anyway. I have nothing nice to say about you, and besides I bet that you would not be able to see past the tip of your own nose anyway and realize that what you did just is not clever, talented, or defensible. It is as clever as figuring out how to launch a pebble through a window, yes, takes some skill, but it is still vandalism.

  9. @ThinksForMoreThanHalfASecond, @Wolfy, etc.

    Lets take a step back here. Voddler spokespeople are _very_ quick to cast blame to both right and left. They act like they have some kind of moral superiority above everyone else when it comes to copyright.

    It is a fact that Voddler tried to cover up that they blatantly TOOK all the hard work hackers and coders like DarkReverser made towards the project called XBMC. Actually that is fine. It would be all dandy for all but a big, big if.

    If you use open source (and maybe especially for commercial ends) you have go give back. Actually you only have to give back if you change the open source product the way Voddler did to make their service even possible.

    DarkReverser is in his full right to reverse engineer and deconstruct voddler.exe too see what voddler really does (since it’s GPL it belongs to everyone). If he chooses to release a patch that makes it work differently that is also fully legal. There is no way voddler can claim copyright, patents or anything on their work as long as it is based of XBMC.

    So now, I feel for your sympathies against Voddler.com, you think their efforts should be applauded and supported. Well, I would agree if it wasnt that voddler themselfs are stealing, and this time from us.

    How can we (as in consumers) trust a company that not only refuses to give us what we made for them but also clearly takes a stand against us by actively refusing to cooperate and starts citing copyright nonsense?

  10. Haha, many who don’t get it.

    Reverse engineering isn’t about destroying for anyone (Like that would be possible in this case). Bad design deserves to be cracked. The motivation is also because XBMC/Voddler Player is awful.

    Good job darkreverser, and I won’t miss Voddler’s morally bankrupt player that was probably totally patent unlicensed any way. If we aren’t allow to distribute it (ffmpeg) neither should any one else. It serves a role though, but as a illegally developed software for companies to leech on, no. And it’s not really that it costs more to license a commercial codec pack then to pay say the 5 million USD for unlimited distribution.
    It looks like they have been building a flash platform since autumn any way. It would never have been defensible to keep the Voddler player around any how then. A commercial platform is always better then some half assed attempt to create something own. Clearly these guys couldn’t pull it of and didn’t project any clear or sensible vision. It sounded like they would build Atom/ION set-top boxes for HD-streaming, instead of just using some ~50 USD platform. Then they announced they would release a web-client but keep the old side by side, which is clearly not reasonable if the web-client where gonna use flash the whole time. Sure you can stream the same videos to both though. But it doesn’t make sense. I mean come on they couldn’t even form sketches and a vision for the service. They could just attract and awful amount of unwarranted publicity and form great expectations. But not any visions or path. Sound like the IT-bubble all over again. And probably an awful a lot of contradicting interests. They might succeed in creating something. But not from any tech they helped create. No service in Sweden is able to get good movie deals any way. Not even SF can do it. Expectations like that shouldn’t be encouraged. Movie distribution isn’t easy. And a good CDN-service will probably cost less then the STIM royalties any way. Administration and royalties will probably be the biggest cost in any serious service dealing with movies.

  11. Just wanted to clarify, the motivation isn’t about screwing it up for Voddler for releasing the bad and GPL-incompliant player. But that’s because of the poor quality that taking a look behind the scene is interesting. I fiddled around a bit (not anywhere near this level as I couldn’t figure out the key-generation magic and didn’t have the energy and patience to do that) to understand how it works too. I did this because I thought it was a bad idea to do what they did. Something I wouldn’t care to do for Spotify which has a lot (more) of security through obscurity. Others did but it didn’t really hurt Spotify (requires payed account by default).

  12. DarkReverser, my hat goes of to you! For months many people concerned about the theft of xbmc/ffmpeg code have been trying to get Voddler to release the source. Since they blatantly decide to ignore the general public and just cash in money, your simply karma delivered, fair and square!

    apparently they made a public statement where they say they shut down the service because they are extremely careful when it comes to copyright protected material. However, apparently its not the same as stealing code…

    *tips hat*

  13. David Håkansson Says:

    I cannot understand why anyone in their right mind would want to destroy a good service like Voddler. Why did you do this, Dark Reverser?

    If Voddler wanted people to be able to download movies to their harddisks they would probably have created a button in Voddler for that.
    But a button like that is M.I.A. which makes it obvious they do not want people to download the movies. You should respect that. Mind you, this is not Soviet Russia!

    Voddler was available on Windows and Mac OS X. But did it run on Linux? No, it didn’t. If Voddler wanted it to run on Linux, they would have made it run on Linux. You should have had respect for that and should not have programmed those Linux .py files.

    Just because you *can* change how something works does not give you the *right* to do it, you insensitive clod.

    I’m also confident most of Voddler’s userbase, including people who read your blog, will agree with me on the above points.

  14. GOGO dark reverser Says:

    want to destroy a good service ?, not likely it has to be good before you can destroy a good service, in general i have to say that voddler is probly the worst program i have ever used, (thou great idea) maybe it’s good that he does this maybe they will fix voddler sometime to make it better ?, and if you want to watch movies on your computer why voddler ? i have it and had it for a long time but i never use it cause its really really bad.

  15. Just to clarify Voddler isn’t a H.264/AVC licensee – http://www.mpegla.com/main/programs/AVC/Pages/Licensees.aspx

    So they are not probably infringing on patents (in commercial interest), they are actually likely doing it! (Yes we have Software Patents in Sweden, a boatload of H.264/AVC patents, patents covering like HE-AAC too). At least Google can own up and pay the 5 million USD (or if it was covered previously, they are a licensee anyway!) to distributed ffmpeg with Chrome.

    Hell even DViCO is a licensee (Syabas too, company behind Popcorn Hour) and they basically makes warez-playing hardware.

  16. Of course Voddler can’t pay 5 M USD to release a beta, but that’s also a good reason why not to illicitly using XBMC. We can be fairly certain that it will run more professionally in the future with normal commercial licensed solutions as they have garnered some investment and seems like they have chosen to use a ordinary flash platform any way after the apparent reshuffling inside Voddler. I don’t think the reshuffling is enough to save the idea of a Swedish video on-demand streaming company. They might stick around in some shape though, but I think they will have trouble.

  17. Hats off to you! I have a big smile on my face right now. After months of no answering and some excuses for their GPL fuckup this should stir things up a bit.

    Thank you.

  18. God work I think voddler should pay you for your work to find security breaches, Better now in the beta stage then when it’s a full service but the idiots at voddler probably don’t understand that.

  19. @ David Håkansson

    “Voddler was available on Windows and Mac OS X. But did it run on Linux? No, it didn’t. If Voddler wanted it to run on Linux, they would have made it run on Linux. You should have had respect for that and should not have programmed those Linux .py files.”

    Yes but voddler using the xbmc that is opensource and u agree that stealing from the gpl is right?
    So why isn’t it right for the opensource community to steal back?
    Anyway .py files is made whit python that is also available in windows.
    And voddler promised to make a linux client so it’s not only for osx or win,
    and rumors say that voddler planing to make a voddler box that will contain the linux client ,
    So probably was the linux client finished before the osx maybe even the first working client.
    Stop blaming linux and if you like free service u should try linux but somehow I don’t think u would understand linux .

  20. Reading the blog and the comments here I realize a thing. Half of the people are retarded: “OH WAAI ARE U SHUTTING DOAWN VODDLER I CAN NOT LOOK AT MOVIEZ!!! U ARE EVIL HACKER” and the other half states the same fact over and over again: voddler used xbmc code and made a commercial solution of it to make money. Hilarious.

    Anyway GJ Dark Reverser.

  21. Upphovsrättsmaffian vill med hjälp av Socialdemokraterna lösa DRM-problemen politiskt.

  22. DarkReverser your my hero, keep up the good fight / work.
    GPL violations should be punished !

    Voddler only had to do one thing and they would have been a success but noooo they thought: “lets steal some open source source code they can’t fight back anyway” they thought.
    And then came DarkReverser woho !

  23. @nw

    Det är redan förbjudet att kringgå DRM och dessutom är Adobe Flash Players DRM knäckt sedan länge och det är fullt acceptabelt för filmbranschen även om Adobe jagar de som släpper ripp-program. Men det går inte att jaga dom som agerar icke kommersiellt eller gömmer sig utomlands där lagen inte kan nå dom. Det illustrerar också DVD och Blu-Ray rippningsverktygen väl. Så nej det ger inte någon extra säkerhet att köra på “branschgodkända” Flash. Inte heller kan de göra mer från politiskt håll. Lagen kan inte nå de som är under jord.

    @The rest, sorry for not writing in English but you wouldn’t understand the article he referred too.

  24. I hope someone cracks the new Voddler player soon just to show them that Adobe Flash isn’t safe and the DRM is broken.

  25. […] När politiker ska tala om lyckade internetbaserade legala medietjänster så brukar Voddler och Spotify alltid vara de två exempeln som nämns. Voddler som bryter mot upphovsrätten för att de använder open souce-mjukvara utan att följa licenserna (de släpper inte sin mjukvara fri som licenserna kräver), vilket nyligen ledde till att de hackades ännu en gång. […]

  26. Way to go stupid!
    Now I have to use a Flash based player, consuming every bit of CPU on my machine. This ruined a nice FREE movie service which I have enjoyed a lot.
    You should try to be a bit creative instead of just vandalizing other peoples work.
    Grow up!

  27. Anonymous4Y Says:

    Please continue the fine work hacking voodler! Now we need u even more than ever. Voddler client is crapp! it uses 100% cpu all time! Please release Voddler hack 0.3 Please…..

    Snälla fortsätt ditt fina arbete med voddler hacket! Nu behöver vi dig mer än någonsin! Voddler klienten är s.k.i.t. använder 100% cpu hela tiden och funkar dåligt. Snälla släpp en voodler hack 0.3 Snälla….

  28. You're the best! Says:

    Darkreverser did the right thing and he (she? 🙂 is right to do so according to the GPL where XBMC is under.

    Even if Voddler is releasing their flash version instead (which is legal) we must not forget that they have STILL violated the GPL and we must STILL fight for the XBMC:s rights.

    Rule no.1: Don’t mess with open-source programmers and their codes made under GPL, that they have spent hours of hours develop without earning single cent!

  29. Hi, thanks for the great code. I am curious how you’d actually reverse-engineered it. Everything looks quite clear to me except for the gentoken.py, e.g. how did you produce the code for mix_one_step()?


  30. Any hacks to the AIR client would be appreciated (to make it run better!).

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  33. Robin Öberg Says:

    I’m with Kalle. With the “stolen” XBMC Voddler was working, with the flash player nothing works. CPU isn’t enough and they didn’t do anything for gpu.

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